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인생과자 썬칩 부활!!!!(들숨)(날숨) #일빠로먹는다 #맥주안주각

4 days ago

Peston on Sunday

"I was in Government… so the strongest words I was able to use in the public domain at the time were that it wasn’t…

4 days ago

Bharath Seervi

Krishnappa Gowtham was bought for 6.2 crores in the auction. Wondering why? He's proved it tonight! #RRvMI

3 days ago

Pattinson Auctions

16 bids later and it’s SOLD for £48,000! #property #bid #auction #live

2 days ago

Paul 'xelnas' Fontaine

@Dangodofthunder Uhh you didn't play it on launch the servers were down. The auction house was so bad they removed…

2 days ago