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David Frum

Can we please drop this nonsense about Trump asking Ukraine to "investigate" Biden? As Anders Aslund, a real expert…

1 day ago

Ryan Lizza

This is a very useful thread by an expert on Ukraine and corruption. It seems notable that the people who know the…

20 hours ago

Michael McFaul

Remember, the goal of disinformation campaigns is not to win the argument, but to suggest that there is no truth. P…

1 hour ago

Wei Sheng

RT @PurelyFootball: In South Africa, this player got 5GB of data as his award for being named Man of the Match😂

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The New Socialism

@Xeynon @HyghWilliam @Fairfis @degamuna @NateSilver538 Except Sanders doesn’t “have less support than before”. You…

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