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People sleep best at 67 degrees. People sleeping in rooms under 70 degrees are more likely to have nightmares. Conclusion? I read too much

5 years ago

JC Nevarez

hjahahahahah this jam makes me want to read that book you find in all hotel rooms. (@YouTube

5 years ago

Latoya Mistral Ferns

Felt quite smug, thinking I had managed to book study rooms from 3-11.30. Turns out I cant read time at my age and my booking begins at 5!

5 years ago

TJ Perkins

Read my response to "Are you still sometimes the youngest wrestler in locker rooms?":

5 years ago


Pulled out a book to read, saw it was using my gyno's card as a bookmark. Literally 10 minutes later, get a reminder text from her rooms.

5 years ago

Devin Lockhart

Read this @AyooNiicole - USC students return to fewer rooms next year!

5 years ago

Gerard Farrell

RT @mere579: I know there is someone out there who wants to read over my 10 page paper on the legality of women reporters being allowed ...

5 years ago

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