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@manmunks im just like blindsided at how used people are to it now like especially w/ people like twitter artists d…

1 month ago


@CBCOttawa I will continue to use all the words. Now that I know some people are offended I am going to try and int…

1 month ago

johann boaz

@anin14dita Self-awareness is evidently not a part of self-professed Bahujan's lexicon. Of all people he/ she shoul…

1 month ago


@Orbital_Lexicon @Humph_T @Hellohowru12345 These people are complete idiots.

1 month ago

Carl’s Lexicon

RT @ajplus: BREAKING: A shooter killed at least 3 students at Oxford High School in Michigan and wounded 6 other people, say police. A 15-…

1 month ago