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@Demolition_Nuke @TurboGolfRacing @XboxGamePass Its great for sure, but i would've say maybe like 12$ or something!

1 week ago

Anita St john

@MartyBear3 @JoJoFromJerz Biden does not have control of your military. Or you would be at war. He dies not even ha…

1 week ago

I had to use afterpay at subway

There was never a deal or compromise that could have stopped Iran from building a nuke. This is a political ploy to…

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@newsmax @greta The USA is no longer the worlds guardian over humanity, no upfront retaliation against Russia for t…

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@vampirellawins Not a nuke. A nuclear bomb would make the land inhabitable. Korea is Korea, whether it's on the Sou…

1 week ago

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Augusto Pascutti

@gu1mdros Exato. E esses códigos zoados (phpnuke e plugins) foram há 15 anos atrás. Bizarro!

2 weeks ago

Jordi Perales

I se sap si te PHP i MySQL? Se li pot instal•lar un MOODLE? I un PHPNUKE?

2 weeks ago

Kozmic Man

@heyJTK Geocities, old versions of cpanel and phpnuke, actionscript, coldfusion and MS Project

3 weeks ago