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York Regional Police

Missing: Nina ABAKOUMOV-83 F/W:5 3” red/orange hair. L/S: Jane/Maj Mack. Family concerned for her well-being.

1 week ago

US Army Fort Benning

“The U.S. Army is about people and relationships,” said Maj. Gen. Eric Wesley. This was his message after Gen....

6 days ago

Joël Métreau

@Gloinn Oui dans une prochaine Màj pour les consoles. Contre les tourelles, avec Pharah et Chacal, on s'en sort

43 seconds ago

amosc @thats.maj

RT @FreeThemHustler: I Got It Out The Mud! Rara That's My Blood!♓️

5 minutes ago

Gilman Grundy

@28481k Sure, but the split was 48-52 and the maj. of Brexiters claimed their main issue was sovereignty. Let's hold them to that.

7 minutes ago

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