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Hui Hansen

moestampa Food Face-off: Which is fresh, free ingredient is your favorite - Chipotle Ranch or Roasted Corn Salsa #moestampa

7 years ago

christian plamo

Yo I wanna learn how to salsa!

7 years ago


SALSA kind of morning. EL Preso- #FRUKO .. Yay Boy- #AFRICANDO classics. Favorites.

7 years ago

Rose Knows Coupons

Chili's: FREE Chips & Salsa with Purchase of Adult Entree! (Today Only)

7 years ago

Thomas Smith III

RT @jgallegos18: @Tps_3 The only place to follow great chips and salsa with great CFS

7 years ago

Korrin Brooks

ATTN: I just made an egg white omelette with salt/pepper to taste, pepper jack cheese and salsa on the side. TWAS DELIGHTFUL.

7 years ago

Cimmaron of TalkSupe

Still feeling under the weather but I'm gonna run out to the store to get some chips, salsa, & cheese dip for this big game day.

7 years ago

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