Sandals tweets

Razina Makda

Old woman, why are u wearing sandals in this weather?

6 years ago

Michael Gonzalez

I was just thinking how I need a new pair of sandals. #SandalSwag which ones should I get, this is a steal o

6 years ago

Tel Warner

@britsmith911 with the sandals! :)

6 years ago


What's with girls and uploading pics of sandals , i mean its so lame .. Why would you upload a pic of a sandal , mae gasaan kalle paeth

6 years ago


ill wear my nike socks and sandals in any weather. #nike #elite #basketball #practice #RiseAndGrind #Sandals

6 years ago

Maria K.

"I've spent a good part of a decade explaining, with as much patience as I could muster, why you shouldn't pair socks with sandals, why...

6 years ago

Blackboi Fly

Rubber sandals :D"@love_chibaby: Honey wat will u buy fr me dis xmas!#wink#"

6 years ago

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