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Judit, la cajera de Saturn que no llegó a ministra como Irene Montero: sin trabajo y con una niña

12 hours ago

Mark Tarello

PASS IT ON: Planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars will appear in the southeast sky Saturday morning 50 minutes before s…

17 hours ago

National Air and Space Museum

On this day in 1969, the Soviet Union's giant N-1 rocket was launched on its first test flight. The test failed, as…

1 day ago

Thomas Morton's Link Bin

RT @Number10cat: Dear @NASA and @CassiniSaturn I see you’ve been naming Saturn’s mini moons after cats. Can you please #GetLarryAMoon? ht…

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Rae com fav problematico

das duas uma ou eu sou mt burra ou o P*ong que é. ele contou o plano pro Prior, cancelou pq não deu certo e agr tá…

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