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Ronna McDaniel

$35 million, 675 days of investigating, 19 attorneys on the Mueller investigation team, 500 witnesses interviewed,…

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Auschwitz Memorial

If you visited @AuschwitzMuseum, after saying a prayer, lighting a candle, leaving a flower or a stone, think also…

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Natasha Bertrand

Mueller confirms that Papadopoulos was investigated for potentially acting as an agent of Israel. Says the probe "r…

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Mohammed Hasheem

RT @Danjauro_17: “Do not backbite Muslims and do not search for their faults, for if anyone searches for their Faults, Allah will search fo…

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jagan mohan rao

RT @UmeshPa86221249: @smourya1976 I think if Common men in place of CJI he will in jail suddenly lost his job. Indians are in search of equ…

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