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Abdul El-Sayed

We've spent $5.9 trillion on war since 9/11. That's trillions we could've spent paying for healthcare, or guarant…

6 days ago

Andrew Biar

Who forced anyone to sign on the dotted line for the loans. Hmmmmm survey says. NOBODY. there are plenty of affo…

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Proud Boomer

@cvpayne I feel exactly as that gentleman that approached her on this. I paid for most of my daughter’s tuition by…

5 minutes ago

Jennifer Bossypants

@fi_virginia Going out of state or living on campus. And my husband and I have spent the last 18 years saving for o…

13 minutes ago

Chase Borden

I’ve decided to quit doing this, gonna put all the negativity and hurt into working out again, saving up for a car…

19 minutes ago

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