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Labour Press Team

“National scandal” that there are 1.4 million contracts that don’t guarantee minimum hours - @RLong_Bailey

16 hours ago

Dave Weigel

The stages of political decline: 1. "firebrand" 2. "controversial" 3. "embattled" 4. "scandal-plagued" 5. "disgraced" 6. "Anthony Weiner"

5 days ago

Judd Legum

4. So Trump now stands to personally profit from the visit of a autocrat he controversially invited to White House

1 week ago

ele©tric future

@EricBoehlert It would have been the GOP trumping up every infraction to scandal for 4 years, no doubt

17 minutes ago

Robin Maise

Kevin Hart Breaks Social Media Silence with Workout Photo Amid Extortion Scandal #Celeb #Gossip 4

25 minutes ago

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