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🇺🇦 gay gay ari/toby :D🎗

@bluehairedenby coke work at schnucks with me 😭 we're dropping baggers like flies

43 minutes ago

Te2Youu 💓.

some catfish nuggets from schnucks sounds good rn

2 hours ago

Rotten Pizza Productions

@realjosemat2953 You too Jose. ✌🙂 Me and my mom went to Wal-Mart and bought some groceries. I also took this photo…

3 hours ago

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@TheKingsTruth1 @RebeccaforWA Michael’s, Panera (used to until a few months ago), Andy’s, Home Depot, Schnucks, Mc…

1 month ago


The cashier at schnucks gone grab her purse talking about some I thought they was fine send us home early. Girl you…

1 month ago