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OK bragging time. I just finished the script for a documentary about the biggest solar PV farm in Nigeria. What I…

15 hours ago


I could be wrong but… they have like 25 years worth of SpongeBob episodes and movies- they can definitely automate…

15 hours ago

JustHerefortheLols (Parodie Prawn)

@qtomris @ingelramdecoucy @Script_Samurai @HTownRocket78 Perfect example. Canada can’t even afford balloons that wi…

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Banana Bytes

@GameyeVG @VeryEvilAsh It happened with Robocop 3. Ocean acquired the rights with just a Script (common practice ba…

21 hours ago

Ramzy - Live OΞ

@HouriNaeimi same account, same script! I already blocked/reported and warned about it before. Stay safe darling 🫂

1 day ago

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