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Brett Staniland

RT @TheOnlyLOG: The search is over. @ScottStaniland is my new best friend. Now lets go to town

7 years ago


Large Popmerchandising is now also selling Delain merch.

7 years ago


What do you call an Israeli leader you cant find using a search engine? Benjamin Not-on-yahoo

7 years ago


@iDogSimpleGirls too lazy to go to Netflix and search for it so take a picture!!

7 years ago

anthony anderson

RT @disneywords: Like a shooting star, I will go the distance. I will search the world. I will face its harms. I don't care how far. –He ...

7 years ago


I tend to search through the little amount of contacts I have and think of ways to annoy them

7 years ago


You'll be surprised at the amount of subtweets you missed, when you search your own name on here.

7 years ago

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