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Andy Ngô

Graphic: A close-up angle of BLM rioters knocking a man unconscious who was leaving the #MillionMAGAMarch in DC ear…

2 weeks ago

Donald Trump Jr.

The only people worse are the media who have essentially been encouraging this kind of behavior by calling anyone r…

2 weeks ago

Richard Grenell

6 people are allowed for Thanksgiving, but 30 are allowed for a funeral. So I will be holding a funeral for my pet…

2 weeks ago

Diana Reyes

@therecount Why do we care about how the cult feels? The are delusional and will never accept facts. Move on from t…

2 weeks ago


RT @Noway_Twit: @ZeddyHS Follow - Like - Retweet. Only you and @J_Alexander_HS are talking about this crap new system. Hs is not a unpaid j…

2 weeks ago