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Fred Wellman

So the victims of the latest mass shooting got a 17 minute hospital visit and a televised meeting with the Presiden…

1 month ago


You can tune into Capital TV to watch #TheGlobalAwards in full tonight from 7:30pm! Make sure you catch my performa…

1 month ago

Laurence Tribe

No guns till age 21, no bump stocks, ban AR-15s & equivalent guns, ban multi-shot clips, ban body-shredding ammo, m…

1 month ago


Now I really wanna make fanart from the #DayDream music video because the aesthetics are GODLY

1 month ago


RT @AnneMunition: Somehow I won over $3000 playing PUBG yesterday. My sister said I'm not allowed to get a flamethrower (she hates fun) so…

1 month ago