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Ana Navarro

13 Americans died b/c of hate crimes last week. I can’t rationalize voting for anyone embracing Trump as he continu…

2 weeks ago


\毎日挑戦!スペシャルチケットがその場で当たる/ #タリーズHolidayTwitterキャンペーン (~11/11) フォロー&RTで毎日5,000名様にドリンクスペシャルチケットが当たる! ①@Tullys_jpをフォロ…

1 week ago

Kamala Harris

Today marks 100 days since this Administration missed the court-ordered deadline to reunify separated families. The…

2 weeks ago

XinHua Jiang

RT @BobMenendezNJ: “Hugin said he believes climate change is man-made and opposes offshore drilling. That didn't stop him from spending $20…

1 week ago