Seattle Parents tweets

Laura Johns

What do parents/nannies in Seattle do to keep their kids occupied indoors? It's raining here and the girls are going nuts! #cabinfever

7 years ago

Kate Simmons

Just talked to Mr. Seattle & if your parents call every day you don't have to sit in the cafeteria in the mornings for TCC!!

7 years ago

Alessandra Iuppa

@Moni_Alvarez_LA what this movie is set in Seattle and Friday Harbor (where lived this summer and where my parents bought a house!)

7 years ago

Jennifer Carrillo

Now I seriously have to start looking for apts in Seattle no more mooching off my parents and living in this house.

7 years ago


My parents called. Dad: It's COLD down here in SoCal! It's 70 degrees! What's the temp in Seattle? Me: 43 degrees. [Brief Silence]

7 years ago


My parents are in Seattle having dinner with the governor and I'm at home Looking stupid..

7 years ago


@iwantacatt my parents said no. Haha but we should find some on our next trip to Seattle.

7 years ago

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