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Youth are natural seekers of truth. Time to empower them with the needed clarity, commitment, and courage to find t…

1 day ago

Gerald Butts 🇨🇦

They know their claims about asylum-seekers are full of baloney. The CPC uses it to scare people and raise money, a…

1 day ago

Mark Takano

After visiting the Victorville federal prison for a second time, I remain concerned about asylum seekers being held…

1 day ago

mart van der Zwan

RT @jt_mag_os: “Workers hired to decontaminate #Fukushima reportedly include migrant workers, asylum seekers and people who are homeless.”…

16 seconds ago

Michael Streiter

@RVAwonk People Trump thinks are being treated unfairly: Manafort Flynn Puti- n Arpaio Roy Moore Jim Jordan People T…

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