Serious tweets


Nvm it's not that serious

11 years ago


why so serious?

11 years ago

#TheParty2 12/14

TrippyBack2.. Was Something Serious #TrippyBack3 Comin Soon..

11 years ago


I don't think I ever realized that thing you do as a kid/in gymnastics is called a forward roll in English. Sounds a bit more serious.

11 years ago

Samantha Steadman

@bradleyggreen brad are you serious I'm Romford bound

11 years ago

Stephanie Takyi

Watching the live stream of Sterosonic in Australia. They are having one serious party @Mansaray_ jealous, you'll be there soon. x

11 years ago

Melaina Johnson

It's nothing serious but baby maybe it could be

11 years ago

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