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Tucker Sakz

@ICE_bergg_SG This is like saying for you a D.rak.e album or N.ick.i album is better than a Benny or Roc album. Sal…

1 day ago


RT @DmvMusicPlug: Let's be honest, no one had better 2018 than Roc Nation's representative @Qdafool_RS ! The Rich Shootas had a great offse…

2 days ago


RT @Colourful_life4: 大家批中共都批得頭頭是道, 為何不跟中共斷交, 跟我國建交?

2 days ago


RT @SeokjinPeru: 🍴🎥| Bangtan Bomb 2018 GMA SG: Entregaremos este premio a Bang PD si tiene éxito en su dieta. #JIN: Aigoo~ parece que no…

2 days ago


@Roc_Pangilinan @Rolando_sg majeeeeeee

4 days ago

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If you haven’t admitted you were wrong about Luka Doncic and/or joined his fan club yet, his highlights from the Ro…

1 month ago


39 - Last night's defeat for Liverpool was the first time that James Milner has scored & been on the losing side in…

1 month ago

Adam Schefter

Reuben Foster, per NFL, “may not practice or attend games, but with the club’s permission he may be present at the…

1 month ago


@ClaptonCFC You can add that Magyar (or Saltire) flag now. Membership to your inspirational club has been bought.

1 month ago

Steve West.

RT @VikkiAngelX: I wanna start a book club in Abuja for free spirited wild haired women . No excessive pick me’s or the alternative. But in…

1 month ago