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@AlexFon25 @cooly_roc @jackfrank_jjf Also he can play sg,sf, and pf more versatility

3 weeks ago

Pillsbury Brickboy

RT @PistonsThoughts: Lemme bring up the depth chart again: PG: RJax/Rose/Frazier SG: Luke/Bruce/Khyri/Langston SF: Snell/Svi/Sekou PF: Bl…

3 weeks ago

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USA: Go to school, get shot. Go to work, get shot. Go to the movies, get shot. Go out to eat, get shot. Go to the c…

2 weeks ago

Uche Jombo Rodriguez

it’s disrespectful and stupid to leak club training results just to boost his ego or prove to fans he's not slow..…

2 weeks ago

あるふぁ@プロスピ垢 販売!

プロスピA 七つの大罪 グラクロ リセマラ垢 販売しております! 希望の選手 チームなどを添えてリプorDMお願いします! 直ぐに対応します! 取引方法は RMT Club ゲームトレード ラクマです。 iTunesカードo…

2 weeks ago

Pessimistic Jack

RT @Emily_Leedham_: I just put anti-fascist in my bio. If you feel comfortable, do the same, or commit to publically supporting anti-fascis…

2 weeks ago