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RT @walfieee: shark repents for impaling Aqua on a berry bush, while kelp rains from the sky #ameliart #gawrt #HoshinovArt #あくあーと https://…

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collagen machine broke ♿🦓

Friday Night antics on duo call with my best friends, @americanmemoirs @Moon_bunni3- and our friend Adrien: "You me…

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exceptionally large

@Yoked_Coder Pumpkin pie is easily my fav. It’s best when its homemade :0

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RT @andyyeung0927: @gawrgura Gura is the imposter confirmed. She is a Shark but she has cat ears! Vote plz. Eject is needed.…

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RT @endangered_pie: #gawrt play Finding Paradise. its an rpg guaranteed to make you cry. we wanna see crying shark. and the soundtrack is p…

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