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Captain Deplorable

@kbaxter How do I know? I’m just saying Trump does stuff to keep people off balance, fake outs, to get things done…

3 weeks ago

Adam Jarvela

@rebelmusicteach It's a pretty efficient code (hey, STEM!) that we can wield to create/analyze/remember music with,…

3 weeks ago

Lainy Sunshine

@WiredSources @IndeCardio @realDonaldTrump CORRECT. Sleezy stuff we saw Soros pd stooges 2 create violence outside…

3 weeks ago

Sidra Mughal 20

@WIRED its clearly visible, God has made the eyes more pwerful than the lenses, so plz stop creating such stuff whi…

3 weeks ago


@ellessebrook1 Good stuff. Let's hope we create more memories as well in PL :)

3 weeks ago

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