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@Bobakanoah Check out our newer pens: No flakes.

1 month ago


@MickyMEaw ต้อง Sharpie นะคะ ติดทนนานทุกพื้นผิว

1 month ago

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Ana Navarro

The Saudis chopped a US Permanent Resident into pieces. Trump knows it. Everyone in his Administration knows it. Ye…

4 weeks ago

David Vance

My politics are simple. I support a complete & permanent Brexit. I oppose globalism in its every form. I support…

4 weeks ago


@universaluk Crimson Permanent Assurance anyone?

3 weeks ago


RT @iFortknox: The markers of a millenial: 1. skincare. 2. Antidepressants. 3. Referring to everything you disapprove of as toxic. 4. wh…

3 weeks ago