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“all of us have our pandora's boxes or skeletons in our closets. i let a few of them out, you know. i've got a lot…

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P. 0129 (•ɞ•) 🕯

RT @DAEHWI_TH: [NEWS] 📰 IZ*ONE Comeback ด้วยเพลงไตเติ้ลอย่าง Violetta ... มีเพลงที่อีแดฮวีแต่งรวมอยู่ด้- วย เพลฃที่อีแดฮวีแต่งทำนองแล- ะเนื้อ…

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판도라 U. 알레아

@Gilbert_G_WD (배시시 웃는 모습에 마음이 몰랑해진다. 왠지 잘한다 우리 반장 멋져! 라고 말하고 싶어지는 기분..) 길버트의 그런 점이 좋아! 음, 그리고 그렇다면 앞으로의 수업은 대부분 길버트 옆자리야. 수업 중 막 조물거릴거니까.

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Nancy Pelosi

The #TrumpBudget is an exercise in cruelty. It throws gobs of money at the rich with massive tax cuts, puts an unf…

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Donald Trump Jr.

The coup was a lot bigger than it even appeared. It wasn’t just bureaucrat lawyers at the FBI thinking they got ele…

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Nancy Pelosi

When immigrants come to this country with their hopes, dreams, aspirations, and determination, they make America mo…

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RT @r_ominaa: I might be ugly in America but in Mexico I’m a goddess

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