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Theodore Te

She signed my copy of “The Legacy...” (which I brought with me) with a Sheaffer 300 FP (F)(which I handed to her)…

5 days ago

AMITY's Selection

一部の SHEAFFER シェーファー製品の50%オフを実施しています! #文具 #ペン #筆記具

9 minutes ago


RT @senselessrenee: My hand shakes a little when I pass you the Sheaffer; I turn to look at you, but you're an example of composure. You sl…

49 minutes ago


i was always scared i would be "sheaffer's little sister" but actually it's a good thing sheaffer's older than me b…

1 hour ago


@Sheaffer_02 Stay in a child’s place we really get into it

1 hour ago


@Sheaffer_02 I only lost 1 game realistically the other 2 I had to leave gtfoh look at my points for and against

1 hour ago

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