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RT @Shane_Samone: I've loved Shia LaBeouf since Even Stevens ❤ #childhoodmemories

9 years ago


RT @olfashdeb: 10,000 people expected to march against Shia genocide in front of the UN in NYC

9 years ago


RT @SoyaShake: EURGH these shia killings are making me sick.. being shia is a crime is it fgs lanat on these sick people

9 years ago

Sara Bellefeuille

Only watching Lawless for Shia Labeouf .. #sofine #letsgetmarried

9 years ago

Selena Gomez™

Um what tf is this Shia ? & you a bad taste Sel lol but I love anyways ^.^

9 years ago

Iqbal 'SOL' Bae

@shiamior have fun finishing your assignments Shia! Me! Me! :P

9 years ago

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