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Λzгі シ

RT @KpopYourLife: Laughing psychotically alone in your room while watching variety shows.

7 years ago


RT @_alittlesecret: I love my boyfriend he keep me smiling even when he know I'm mad...I don't want to never end with him he shows me re ...

7 years ago

Hilary Duff Watch

#Gossip #CelebrityNews Hilary Duff shows off her post-baby body, looks like she's got her... #InstantFollowBack Oooo

7 years ago

Roma Lopez ☺

RT @NiallOfficial: @sabrakhanyari It don't honey! This show is just for the 3 shows, we planning the TMH tour after

7 years ago


New Post: Recent Evidence Shows Vaccinated Kids Account For 90 Percent of Cases of Whooping Cough

7 years ago


Most laughs that you hear on TV shows today, were recorded in the 1950's. Means, technically, you're hearing dead people laugh.

7 years ago


RT @chrisjenko: For those who are interested, I'm on for Bedevere and @JamesNelsonuk is on for Galahad for both shows today!

7 years ago

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