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RT @DoxiaStudio: FLUBBER! Decided to try a new system and expand fluids to fill the letters with some pressure. Tutorial soon!…

7 minutes ago

Christopher Akpala

@ambrosiussen_p @sidefx @sidefxlabs Oh.... Cool... Would do that first thing in the morning

35 minutes ago

Paul Ambrosiussen

@dino_krs @sidefx @sidefxlabs Could you send it to support? I'll take a look at it

38 minutes ago

Christopher Akpala

@ambrosiussen_p @sidefx @sidefxlabs Imported using the normal import method and everything works OK, but when I use…

41 minutes ago

Paul Ambrosiussen

@dino_krs @sidefx @sidefxlabs That sounds like your FBX does not have its texture paths set up correctly. Are you s…

46 minutes ago

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