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New girl group @ITZYofficial start with one of the best K-pop debuts on the Billboard charts ever…

1 month ago

Ted Lieu

Dear @SecNielsen: What threat did 17 month old baby Juliet pose to America that caused your agency to rip her away…

1 month ago

Charlie Kirk

Only in America could an actor who is paid millions fake two hate crimes within the same week, lie about it, throw…

1 month ago

David Rémondeau

RT @Aliochka2000: Hors-jeu. "Le courageux est celui qui refuse les “stratégies d’adaptation” qui pullulent dans notre fonctionnement soci…

1 month ago

Swiss Marketing Zug

Schweizer Firmen unter den weltgrössten Familienunternehmen. #wirtschaft #schweiz #marketing via #handelszeitung

1 month ago