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As SimCity celebrates its 30th anniversary release on IBM this month, @tanner_howard writes for Glitch that the gam…

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シムシティのゲームクリエイターが明かす開発秘話とは?(20- 14)

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Margarita Noriega

We build things with our hands, our ideas, or code. But we can't escape our biases about how the world "should" be.…

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Colin Spacetwinks

@dialacina "i would like to play simcity 2000 forever" "so why don't you" "then i don't get to be contrarian" "i see"

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Rare Noir Kizunaut

@mtoler Same! Super Metroid was probably also the first game with a timed escape that I played. I had previously pl…

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SEO metadaten

Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page: It works #blackandwhite #Lippstadt

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