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Wing Commander

@Motor621 @Magister_Ludi_8 @EricAverage @thedailybeast @MEPFuller If she is local tell her to follow the info link…

28 minutes ago


@vowe Or give all your student data to an outside company. It's loose/loose (Magister App in the Netherlands, US owner)

14 hours ago


For me, Ultimate=Magister/Wizzrobe, Melee=Hungrybox or iBDW, Smash 64=Isai, Sm4sh=Fatality. I usually only watch Ul…

20 hours ago


@JayExci What about when they're trying to hide their identity of being the Master so they call themselves Colonel Masters, or Mr Magister?

1 day ago

Reverend Magister

@DarrenHarriott King Edward or Maris Piper?

1 day ago

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