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Sit on his face n wake him up or let him sleep ? 🤔 decisions decisions 😂

3 hours ago

💞Kayla Threads!!💞

(I like when she sleep on my lap i’ll just sit there n look at my baby and wipe her eyes) ff to when it was time to…

5 hours ago

★ dawnie ✿ no longer evil i want love

depending on like. how i Am. i will either be less active or more active. bc i just dislocated one ankle and sprain…

8 hours ago


Something about me goin to sleep in the AM then gotta wake up in the AM don’t sit right wit me😡

17 hours ago


@republic Gavaskar should’nt talk on personal issues,he has no business,shame on this old n useless spent force, no…

21 hours ago

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