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رواحا قریشی

She won’t let him sleep on the other side of bed n he’s tryna sit with her!😭😂😭 Confidence >>🥵♥️♥️

1 hour ago

𝓜𝓪𝓶𝓲 🍓

if u love me you’ll pay for me to stay in colombia for a month n a half after my surgery .. i’m not flying crazy if…

4 hours ago

Krishna Deb

RT @SomaDut96461948: @Amul_Coop Stop promoting bwd. I thought your brand doesn't need such fake people to gt endorsed. All t reviews n Bo c…

8 hours ago

sheرaز ahmad

@romankh14610445 @SaniaaAshiq Oh u stand with N league, we thought u sit with N league, why dont u sleep with N league? Besharam

9 hours ago

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