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RT @True_kwu: The Dora Milaje are a fierce all female army in the Marvel film Black Panther...but many people are unaware that they are bas…

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RT @saya_wy_0813: 【180217 SHINee World TheBest 2018 ジョンヒョン追悼VTR 全文】 “今日もあなたが大好きです” 全世界のシャヲル- が思っていることでしょう。 #SHINeeWORLDTH- EBEST2018 #샤이니_쿄…

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RT @LDH05363093: 2/18 京セラドーム SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 今日、上段51通路付近に落ちていました! 10- ゲートのスタッフに渡しています。 #SHINeeWORL- DTHEBEST2018 #ジョンヒョン #SHINe…

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Donald J. Trump

Now that Adam Schiff is starting to blame President Obama for Russian meddling in the election, he is probably doin…

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John Cena

Also happy birthday #JHOPE just 175 more years and you’ll catch #WestNewbury #HappyJHOPEDay @BTS_twt @bts_bighit

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Chance The Rapper

Don’t forget to pray

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RT @OfficialBoltgg: 6 Hour USP-S Neo-Noir Giveaway! To win you must! ⚡ RT + Like + Follow ⚡ Like: ⚡ Tag two friend…

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RT @DrewMaddux: Happy Birthday to the GOAT! Michael Jordan turns 55 today! Enjoy this incredible look at MJ's highlights from past dunk co…

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