Skateboard tweets


Final destination 5. Sophia and I fell off the skateboard that day when we met danyal. HAHAHA so epic. @sophiasabilla

7 years ago

thom skinner♕

RT @hollhold: Any boy that is able to skateboard can hop into my bed

7 years ago

Samuel Karchnak

@alyssadiestel i was jumping on skateboard from 8 stairs and i broke my hand

7 years ago


RT @niallhowaboutno: like their from LA and sneak out at night to meet up with u at the beach and they bring their skateboard and u skin ...

7 years ago

 ✌ iim_skatehoe ✌

Lol, Kemia he was trying to find a skateboard but he was out of luck, && plus we was faded!

7 years ago


bol RT @SleepyMarley: I wanna new skateboard and some weed for Christmas

7 years ago

mathias crawford

the new #prettysweet skateboard video by girl & chocolate is unreal.

7 years ago

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