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Katie Hopkins

The migrant invasion continues apace at Dover. This last lot arriving in the night. Economic migrants costing us…

1 month ago

Kamala Harris

It’s clear that Mitch McConnell doesn’t want a Senate trial-he wants a Senate cover up. But he cannot undermine thi…

1 month ago

Bernie Sanders

Money is not speech. Corporations are not people. We must overturn Citizens United and get big money out of our political process.

1 month ago

Chris Yiu

I guess either the process for checking sensitive data releases is defective, or the people involved can’t work a s…

1 month ago

Derrick R. Jennings

RT @jasoninthehouse: Tim Scott: Pelosi not taking Trump impeachment battle 'seriously': 'The wacky House process is just a joke' https://t…

1 month ago