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5 New #Architecture & #Design #Exhibitions for June! Among others: “Regard! Art and Design by Women 1880–1940” at t…

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Look at this footage. @laurenboebert was tweeting the Speaker’s location as this was all happening. When I spoke o…

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60% of the population of the United States just lost any constitutional protections against warrantless assault or…

3 weeks ago

Lawrence Prescott

@imdrinkingcum @Kane1Drew @mulford_pat @Breaking911 Ok,I agree with you! If someone breaks into home that means I s…

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@Royalashu720 @mds_office up में rss कहाँ था जब मुर्दे पानी मे तैर रहे थे, और न जाने कितने मुस्लिमों ने हिंदुओं का…

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