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Jennifer Wright

I wrote for @harpersbazaarus about how @michelleisawolf is one of the last people who seems to understand that a jo…

3 weeks ago


what I imagine my dogs do all day to comfort one another when I leave the house when in reality they are relieved t…

3 weeks ago

Miles Luna

Before leaving Kingsland I stopped by some places from my childhood & my grandfather’s old lake house. Owners were…

4 weeks ago

Real Life 12 Year Old Auntie

Can someone explain to me why Garnet has to comfort Jamie after he shows up at her house uninvited during a storm a…

2 weeks ago

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Donald J. Trump

I will be announcing my decision on the Iran Deal tomorrow from the White House at 2:00pm.

2 weeks ago

Maddow Blog

It was an unkindness to the first lady for the White House to claim she created a pamphlet about children's online…

2 weeks ago

Viqi Nurhaqiqi

RT @FalseNineFC: Sama seperti Persija, Home United juga minta laga tunda di liga, tapi tak dikabulkan karena nggak punya kenalan orang 'dal…

2 weeks ago


RT @timelesssports_: "You wake up at 3, train at 4. 4-6. Come home, eat breakfast, relax. Now you're back at it again 9-11. Relax ... Back…

2 weeks ago