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Senator Ron Johnson

It's a scandal in and of itself that the mainstream media is ignoring the vast web of conflicts of interest raised…

1 month ago

Rolling Stone

We endorse Joe Biden for President. His platform offers progressive solutions to every major problem facing the cou…

1 month ago

Newt Gingrich

People should not focus too much on Hunter Biden and Ukraine.The larger story including Russia, China, Kazakhstan,…

1 month ago

RT @Super_Spotter: A Hospital at TinCan rejected him .. He’s presently being moved to Agor according to the contact person .. He’s very wea…

1 month ago


RT @mikito_tanaka: 日本にあるホテルでここまでシンプルというか、そぎ落とされた空間も珍しい。沖縄の今帰仁にあるEMIL NAKIJIN…Webサイトの情報が少なくて謎に包まれている…

1 month ago