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Mike Shellenberger

Solar panels - create good jobs in China, not US - increased Calif. electric prices 7x more than rest of US - n…

1 day ago

Laurie Garrett

10 yrs ago a crazy dude said he could revolutionize the electric car, solar & battery industries. Wall St. said Elo…

1 day ago

Eamon Ryan

There is life after diesel. Ireland’s first electric waste collection vehicle will be on the streets in January. It…

2 days ago

Siva Pudipeddi

RT @Sunrun: New analysis from @VibrantCE @votesolar @localsolar4all and @Sunrun show that expanding local solar + storage can save our coun…

3 minutes ago

João Gabriel 🇵🇱 🇵🇱 🇵🇱

RT @John_Stinchcomb: @thedavidcrosby And just on a practical level with enough invested in solar nuclear shouldn't be necessarily. And sola…

18 minutes ago

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