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Random Assault

I liked a @YouTube video In-Depth, High Quality Video of the FIRST Betamax, the Sony LV-1901 Console!

1 month ago

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Jair M. Bolsonaro

A Folha de São Paulo está praticando um desserviço à informação. Mais uma Fake News sendo desmentida, dessa vez int…

1 month ago


【暴徒】渋谷ハロウィンを嘆く店主たち、過去の若者は「まだ知能があった」 「いま大騒ぎしている奴らは話が通じない」と語る。別の男性は「昔はいなかったような田舎者が多い印象」と述べた。

1 month ago

Terrence K. Williams

Where is the outrage from Hilary Clinton’s racist joke? All black people look a like What if Trump or someone on…

1 month ago


RT @HeerJeet: Good thread arguing that we're about to be attacked by an alien civilization with vastly superior technology.…

1 month ago


RT @Jaemyung_Lee: <공정경기에선 무임승차 안됩니다 기본이 튼튼해야 무슨 일이든지 가능합니다> "경기도, 체납자 주식 5일내 압류"..이재명 '조세정의' 실현

1 month ago