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Sleeping Giants

You pulled your advertising after Ingraham made fun of a teenage school shooting survivor, then you went back. Now…

4 weeks ago

Tom Watson

I’ve reported Theresa May to the Advertising Standards Authority for using misleading advertising to suggest that t…

4 weeks ago

Fox News

On President @realDonaldTrump's birthday Thursday, one man from South Carolina took a picture of a cloud, which he…

4 weeks ago

zαcĸ ғαιя

❝Me and Cloud here are both backwater experts! Oh yeah!❞

4 weeks ago


RT @gakuishida: 【つかみシリーズ】 井上「世の中にこれだけは絶対にいらんと思うねん」 石田「なになに?ホクロからはえる毛?」 井上「いらんけど。違う。地震や」 石田「あー、おまえの根拠の無い自信?」 井上「そっちちゃう」 これ以上、被害が拡大しないことを説に…

4 weeks ago