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wotc 3 days after standard is released but 4 days before its paper legal

2 days ago

MBS, who dares greatly

@ECUProfessor @Tylon_jones Maybe you recall that until 1964 "separate but equal" was literally the legal standard t…

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Jon Crabtree

@rg424 @VogonVerses @CopWithAttitude @SenatorTimScott And that personal responsibility + accountability should star…

3 minutes ago

Middle Ground

@TomFitton @RealDeanCain That is a legal term is it not? Would the police officers involved have a case for defamat…

7 minutes ago

Cousin Drew

@Mr_Riddle0 @y0dovelyy @hutchinson And the fact that no one will face justice in the CJS that we have set up means…

28 minutes ago

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