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@reyqilryder look it up maybe when i dont have a relationship while im 12 and im not "cool" enough cause i dont "stead" i study my english

7 years ago


@Megan1_BTR phaha niceeeee

7 years ago


English has turned into a direct study and I have nothing to do

7 years ago

Michelle ♫ ♩ ♪ ♫

I should really study for my English final tomorrow

7 years ago


You learn English more quickly and reach your goals faster when you study at ESL.

7 years ago

Mr. Rey

English 3: Study for Vocab Test (Lessons 9&10)

7 years ago


RT @Luvpurpletiara: Trying to study for my English final that's up next ....

7 years ago

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