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Harry Shum Jr

@MariaShumdalec @MatthewDaddario @BuzzFeedCeleb Be easy on him. English is his fourth language.

3 days ago

BBC Learning English

You've got it! The answer is b) plane/plain. A plane is something you fly in. Plain describes something that's easy…

6 hours ago

China Xinhua News

Boeing's safety upgrade for #737MAX jets no easy task, aviation experts say. It would take a while for pilots to re…

1 week ago

meforBhaJaPa 🇮🇳

@normaly_abnorml @BJP4Karnataka ayyo, bidappa.... Its ok.... Ishtondu kelasada madya, bhaashe bere nodtheera Come…

just now


@rupasubramanya @hkollar He is doing it deliberately. He is making it a binary to make it easy to communicate. Engl…

8 minutes ago

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Dinesh D'Souza

Ilhan Omar says that for Jews “it’s all about the Benjamins.” This requires a fairly sophisticated knowledge of cul…

2 weeks ago


GOT7 Jackson <Faded> ONLINE COVER #GOT7 #갓세븐 #Jackson #잭슨 #Faded

2 weeks ago

Rudy Giuliani

According to Speaker Pelosi Ilhan Omar has so little knowledge of English and history that she repeats long standin…

2 weeks ago


Partecipa sul sito di Ingliando per un’esperienza interattiva:- #ingliando #english…

2 weeks ago