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ICYMI: Rumor: Super #SmashBrosUltimate has 30 character placeholder slots in the code potentially for DLC…

1 month ago

Justin Hendrix

New Yorkers: be prepared when the next red line is crossed in the White House's ongoing campaign to interfere in th…

1 month ago

Benjamin Wittes

(3) That said, this is a short-term problem that will not persist. Someone has standing to bring this case, and the…

1 month ago

ᵐᵃᶜʳᵃʸ #PlantGang

@Meme_LordVevo @matheuz1210 Yeah I did lol It was a placeholder until I had time to make the art version

1 month ago


@CadenBraylen I think Quantum realm will placeholder until they use the Negative Zone.

1 month ago