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oppa's stan.

LMAO. I'm an anti, dude..

7 years ago

븉 제시카》 first collage

@naeunest they left me being amazed about how ppl can look like that watching tm perform xD tho i don't think suju were thinking badly or so

7 years ago

✰ W'o'W ✰

@SuJu_Lou @smily_digi Yes sir! I'm One of a Kind ~~

7 years ago

amoon *⌣*

@SuJu_Heart 9aa7 ;___; hes so annoying omg why wont he just reply is it that hard to do that ?! D':

7 years ago


the awkward maknaes {pt. I}

7 years ago


Lately I'm not talking to or about some ppl in suju I just hate them temporary they pall on hyuk →_→

7 years ago

Lindsay Elligson

superjuniorteentop: We are E.L.F.♥ Always united as ONE. SUJU & E.L.F is ONE~~ Without Super Juniorthere is n…

7 years ago

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