Summer Activities tweets

Katherine Schneider

@MikeKovalski I was thinking about buying a quarterstaff

7 years ago

Sirena Water Wear

Ever done a polar bear plunge? Tell us about it, or any other summertime activities you did in winter, in our contest:

7 years ago

Sutherland Library

Bookings are open for the Library's summer holiday activities for kids. Check out the list of events

7 years ago

Samantha Kapinos ⚓

Trying to start a fund for summer cause I know my summer activities are going to be hella expensive...

7 years ago

Shi Anne

@Luck_Norris because its not too hot and its not too cold, free weather. Of course the summer is fun cuz of the activities and ratchetness

7 years ago

Marty H

@_awdo not yet summer CX is coming early next year will be doing that. Been doing some cx round centennial park.

7 years ago

LearningStar School

The Summer Camp Program is full with activities such as field trips, swimming, movies, arts & crafts.

7 years ago

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