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Avengers #InfinityWar has earned more globally in just four days than #JusticeLeague made in its entire run…

3 weeks ago


#Avengers: #InfinityWar cast explain why some of their superhero castmates will still be playing co-starring roles…

4 weeks ago


Zoe Saldana has some words for anyone who thinks Marvel actors have sold out: “Those elitists should be a little mo…

3 weeks ago

Nerds Who Make

RT @NerdsWhoMake: Hear us talk about how a generation of writers has cut its teeth on superhero flicks. #NerdsWhoMake Episode 4: Obsession:…

2 weeks ago

James Punkhead

RT @nise_shi: things the marvel cinematic universe needs: - a powerful superhero with an infinity stone - asian representation - twink repr…

2 weeks ago

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Donald J. Trump

Ainsley Earnhardt, a truly great person, just wrote a wonderful book, “The Light Within Me,” which is doing really…

3 weeks ago

Jacob Sartorius

Get this to 10k re tweets and I’ll post the cover art and release date of my new song tomorrow ⭐️

3 weeks ago

Stephen King

Few things are as lovely as having an uninterrupted hour with a good book.

3 weeks ago


RT @MayWardOfficial: Fan: Ano ang nararamdamam mo kay Maymay? Edward: I've never had anyone close in my life than Maymay. She's so importa…

2 weeks ago


RT @chuckwoolery: James Woods Scolds Michelle Obama After She Calls Herself the ‘Forever First Lady’…

2 weeks ago