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DC Universe's Titans wants to prove how different it is from the CW's superhero shows and Marvel's Netflix offering…

5 days ago

Erika Harlacher

OMG!! This is out!!!! You guys, I can officially say I've played a superhero in the Marvel universe!!!! I play Whit…

1 week ago

John Squires

Shyamalan has done some pretty cool things, but I think the coolest is that he created his own "grounded in reality…

1 week ago


RT @LegatusLoftinus: Things that are banned in my utopia: >”Heckin” >uwu - >Superhero comics that bloat under the weight of 60 years of unori…

17 minutes ago

Norvin Buswell

RT @heartsupergirl: This means that the Arrowverse take on Luthor will come to TV just weeks after the first appearance of the shared super…

25 minutes ago

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