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Pamela McClintock

#Aquaman lapped past $500M at the foreign box office on Friday. Globally, the pic will finish the wknd with well no…

1 month ago

Aaron Stewart-Ahn

Can’t wait to dig & see how they came up with a coming of age discovering your self worth mid life crisis family tr…

1 month ago

Jeff Yang

Please put this superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

1 month ago


@Daimonity "Signing on to the Brotherhood means accepting that you're fighting for the greater good! Promising to p…

1 month ago

Pegasus Meteor

RT @HaraldsBaumanis: Did a take on the movie version of Psylocke. #XMen #Psylocke #XMenApocalypse #XMenDarkPhoenix #FOXMen #mutants #superh…

1 month ago

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