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Usai 'Avengers: Endgame', Marvel akan menghadirkan banyak superhero baru di Marvel Cinematic Universe dan salah sat…

1 week ago

Barstool Sports

Brie Larson Going From The Au Pair In The League To The Universe's Most Powerful Superhero is an Awesome Come Up…

2 weeks ago

Paul Musgrave

Somewhere in the Marvel Universe there’s a group of economists using superhero battles as an instrumental variable…

2 weeks ago

Naseem Ahmad

RT @Jn_meet: Now it's high time, #Bollywood also have to create a superhero universe and one should started with the #SuperCommandoDhruv an…

1 week ago

Paul Brownlee

Random bedtime thought: Create a comic book universe with DYNAMIC UNIMPRESSIVE SOUNDING SUPERHERO NAMES: THE GUNSHO…

1 week ago

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