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Alan Tudge

Up early this morning to speak about our exciting new visa measures which will attract Hong Kong super talent and b…

1 month ago

Bruce Kulick

Country music and KISS collide with this version of "Hard Luck Woman" featuring Garth Brooks! Performing on The Ton…

4 weeks ago

Luke Harding

From 'Inside @Guardian': "#Putin is not a super-villain sitting in a cave in front of a console with red flashing b…

4 weeks ago

Jon Corbett

@TheCoachTom I really think thats super important. I'm really alarmed at how the pandemic has brought on a feeding…

3 weeks ago


@TwanBra Die kon de RB ook niet besturen. Max haalt er door zijn super talent meer dan het maximale uit. Het ontwerp deugt voor geen meter.

3 weeks ago

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Donald J. Trump

I am proud to announce $2 million for the @Sept11Memorial in NYC! This special site ensures that the memory of the…

3 weeks ago

Rick Wilson

I'm super excited to hear the "conservative" and "libertarian" Trump media fluffers defend this. "But muh antifa"…

3 weeks ago


i dont wanna be a memory

3 weeks ago

ᛗᛖ ᚲᛟᛗᛖ ᛚᛟᚷᛟ

Agora que super regulei meu sono, todos os dias eu acordo naturalmente por volta de 6h30 e tenho tido sonhos muuuui…

3 weeks ago


RT @nuriafeltrer: Entro de sobra a la carrera que quiero, pero me siento super disgustada por historia de España y castellano, me explicais…

3 weeks ago